Why Create A Venue Page?

Why Create A Venue Page?

Your Venue Page organizes and creates an accounting for the lost and found articles and pets at your location. It is also available 24/7/365 for your patrons, creating many efficiencies and benefits for your organization:

  • Reduce administrative time on the phone and email by directing users to your page.
  • Create an accounting for your lost and found inquiries and inventory.
  • Allow your patrons to monitor the status of their inquiries without using employee resources and time.
  • Quickly upload new listings using your preloaded contact information.
  • Enable third parties to post lost or found entries for your venue, but not reported to your organization.
  • Have this information available to your patrons 24/7/365 and link your website to your lost and found information exclusively.

One of the biggest benefits for your patrons is that your Venue Page information is tied into our main lost and found database. Obviously, many people don't know the location of their loss. By including your information into our main database, the probability of recovery is increased!

Get started and create a page for your business or organization now!

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