Introducing The Mobile App
The mobile application for pets and personal property recovery.

Take the power of with you with our Mobile App! Report and search for lost and found items anyplace, anytime. Embrace a myriad of new functionality from Lost Alerts to Phone Recovery. Whether traveling through airports, watching a sporting event, experiencing a show, or just on campus, the Mobile App makes recovery a few taps away.

Use our PIN and mapping system to mark places where a loss occurs. Great for individuals, or for businesses and organizations use our Venue Alert system to notify employees, volunteers, ushers, and more of lost or found property in real time.

Our exclusive mobile device retrieval features will help you recover your lost mobile device, by sending messages, alerts, and tracking to locate your mobile device. Don't fret - get it back!


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The Internet Lost and Found provides users with the ability to locally distribute their online ad using posters. These posters contain an Ad ID number which corresponds to the online ad.
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